Fundraising Opportunity

Here's how we make it easy for you & loads of FUN for everyone!

There are no products to sort and deliver

Nothing to set up & tear down. You relax and join the fun!

We can make your promotional flier

Guests simply purchase tickets online

Most can bowl no matter age or ability

Safe fun activities the whole family can do together!

Your 'FUN'Raising Event is 2 hours of All-You-Can Play Bowling, Shoes & Laser Tag!

  1. Reserve a date: they are limited and book quickly so hurry and check availability today!
    1. Schools and related groups can hold them weekday afternoons on an early dismissal day. Subject to lane availability
  2. Decide the ticket price: that best suits your group. Laser Alleys charges only $9.50 for each ticket sold, the rest goes back to your organization!
  3. Spread the word and pre-sell tickets: to your event! That's it. Yep it's that easy!

Here's an example of how it works:

If you sell tickets for $17 each, your organization keeps $7.50 for every ticket sold! Sell 100 tickets and you would earn an easy $750 all while having fun!

It's that easy!!

Contact Holly today to schedule your fundraiser!
Hollyw@laseralleys.com or (717) 755-2946