Fundraising opportunities


You can make up to 50% or more!

It's quick, it's easy & loads of FUN for everyone!

  • We prepare the tickets and the flyers. We will also provide you with a digital copy of the flyer.
  • Weather is never a factor, it's always dry inside!
  • No products to sort and deliver!
  • Everyone can participate no matter age or ability.
  • It's family friendly.
  • We set up & tear down. You relax and have FUN!

We now offer online ticket sales!


FUNdraising with us is EASY!

You decide the price you want to charge per ticket.

Each Bowling ticket sold includes 2 hours of unlimited Bowling & Rental Shoes for one person.

Each Bowling & Laser Tag ticket sold includes 2 hours of Bowling, Rental Shoes & unlimited Laser Tag for one person.

Laser Alleys will only charge you $6 for every Bowling ticket you sell and only $7.50 for every Bowling & Laser Tag ticket you sell. Your group keeps the rest! Plus you can upgrade either package to Glow Bowling for free!


Here is an example of how our FUNdraising works:

If you sell Bowling & Laser Tag tickets for $15 each, your group keeps $7.50 for every ticket sold! If you sell 100 tickets your group would earn $750.00! Once a date & time is set for your event, we will make the flyers and tickets. All you have to do is sell them!

It's that easy!!

Contact Holly Walters today to schedule your fundraiser!
Hollyw@laseralleys.com or (717) 755-2946