After School Bowling Program Winter 2018!


Please click on the name of your school to learn about our After School Bowling Program. You may print the form out and follow the instruction to register your child.


If you have any questions or need help with the registration process please contact us.


Eastern York School District:

Central York School District:

Northeastern School District:

York Suburban School District:

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St. Patrick Catholic School:

After School Bowling Program Food Menu: 

Small French Fry- $2.85 Large French Fry- $4.76 

Small Cheese Fry- $3.38 Large Cheese Fry- $5.55 

Soft Pretzel- $1.06 Soft Pretzel w/ Cheese- $1.86 

Pretzel Bites w/ Cheese- $3.91 Nachos w/ Cheese- $3.17 

Hot Dog- $2.00 Hot Dog w/ Cheese- $2.32 

Cheese Pizza Slice- $2.53 

Junior Soda- $1.20 Small Soda- $1.95 Medium Soda- $2.50 

Candy Vending Machine- $1.25 or $1.50